Find the right talent​

RPM Jobs offers the right platform for right hire in fast and efficient manner. We provide an all-in-one recruiting solution. Build your employer brand, post jobs and advertise on the best free and premium job boards, and source passive candidates faster.

RPM Recruiting dashboard

An exact view of your recruiting process and hiring status.

The recruitment dashboard provides a real time view of every job in your hiring pipeline. It further enhances by robust filters be it jobs by location, skills, resident status or departments. It also pins the most important jobs to the top of the page for easy access.

A dynamic chart that will monitor your recruiting pipeline – see the number of candidates at every stage, for every position.

Amalgamating Application Tracking system and Artificial intelligence

At RPM Jobs an application is never the end. The smart application prompts you to find potential hire even after the job is long closed. It's a robust applicant tracking system, that offers top-level recruitment management with a twist: you get candidates right from the start from Talent Pool filled with right applicants. You get a look at a full range of qualified people, and our applicants filter out the candidates you may not have considered before. Finding the right fit in a resume stack.

How it works

Post jobs

Posting job is easy - just fill in the form and the system automatically. You write the job description; add some skills you would like to see in your candidate and we will do the rest. Your job offer will be published the mobile friendly application. On top, we spread the news about your job offers within our large RPM Jobs network of job seekers.

Manage applications

Complete control of the entire recruitment process to find the right candidate Your applicants apply on RPM Jobs simple and intuitive online application form. Our CV parsing then delivers you easy to compare resumes in a similar look from all candidates. Sort candidates by rejecting or accepting the candidates. Rate the candidates so they stand out from the crowd. We also offer a wide range of mail templates for interview, acceptance and rejection letters, document requests or scheduling interviews to give you more time to spend on the important part of your job: finding the right employee.

Manage Interview

Set up calls or interviews with candidates and members of your hiring team. RPM Jobs automatically notifies candidates and interviewers of the details – including a location map and full list of attendees. You can customize your message or just use our template.

Create an interview scorecard as part of a structured interview process. Gather actionable candidate feedback from the whole hiring team.

Make data-driven decisions and hire right

Hiring reports and analytics help to refine your recruiting process. Improve job board ROI by tracking the source of your best candidates and monitor the progress of your open jobs.

Dissect the data to assess your hiring speed over time and analyze team activity reports. We are in a process of integrating with various popular tools to serve you better



$49 / month

$40 / month
when billed annually

10 active Job opening

Office-hour support

Free 30-day trial


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$99 / month

$80 / month
when billed annually

25 active Job opening

Office-hour support

Free 30-day trial


No credit card required


$199 / month

$159 / month
when billed annually

50 active Job opening

Priority support

Free 30-day trial


No credit card required

All plans include

  • Unlimited candidates
  • There is no data limit in your account.
  • Flexible plan switching
  • You get additional features for free.
  • Upgrade, downgrade or cancel per month.

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